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Container Trunk (30"/99L)

Container Trunk (30"/99L)

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Brand from France. Designed in France

Winner of The Red Dot Design Award

The one and only scented luggage in the luggage industry

Pioneer of the Double Proof Technology

100% polycarbonate shell from Bayer Makrolon® from Germany

Large capacity square design

Aviation registered with anti-theft and scratch-proof aluminium frame

Patented Japanese HINOMOTO 60mm silent dual caster wheels

TSA-certified dual combination locking system

5-year warranty & 7-day no questions asked return policy


Dimensions: H75.7 x W43.6 x D38 cm

Weight: 5.04kg

Volume: 99L



Slow rebound handle x 2

TSA-approved combination lock x 2

Shock-absorbing and non-slip silent luggage feet x 4

Patented Japanese HINOMOTO silent dual wheels x 4

White container cover x 1



Parfumé de Liberté fragrance bag x 1

Luggage detachable strap x 1

Luggage X-Strap x 2

Leather luggage tag x 1

Original acrylic warranty card x 1

Product manual x 1

Original gold luggage sticker x 2

100% Bayer Makrolon® Polycarbonate

OUMOS utilizes a 100% polycarbonate shell sourced from Bayer Makrolon® in Germany. Polycarbonate shells provide a flexible surface, allowing the shell to rebound upon impact and minimize the occurrence of dents and damage to the luggage.

  • Slow rebound handle

  • Three-section handle

  • Shock-absorbing and non-slip silent luggage feet

  • Anti-slip handles let you close the case easily

  • Water resistant design

Scented Luggage

Each OUMOS luggage comes with a fragrant parfum sachet. The sachet contains the natural mineral vermiculite infused with parfum, slowly diffusing the fragrance into the interior of the luggage. A treat for your senses, revolutionising the luggage industry with a new scented experience.

  • Drop Test

    We repeatedly drop over-loaded luggage on all faces, edges and wheels from chest-height.

  • Treadmill Test

    We roll over-loaded luggage on an irregular treadmill belt, on 2 and 4 wheels, for 35km/20 miles.

  • Tumble Test

    After freezing over-loaded luggage for 4 hours, we tumble them in a large trunk containing sharp protruding blocks.

  • Handle Test

    We drop over-loaded luggage from a fixed height, 500 times hanging from the top handle, then another 500 hanging from the side handle.

  • Over-Heat Test

    We over heat luggage at 60°C / 140°F for 4 hours, to check for heat-induced distortions and dislocations.

  • Cruise Test

    Our luggage are constantly tested on the road by our brand ambassadors, providing insights to improve our luggage, always.

7-Day No Question Asked Return Policy

Shop with confidence knowing that we offer a hassle-free return policy. If you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return it within 7 days without any questions asked.